Bolinas Gallery




The Bolinas Gallery is situated On Wharf Road just around the corner from Smiley's Schooner Saloon & Hotel and the Coast Cafe in the old barn on the right just past Bolinas Museum.


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The Gallery features an eclectic collection of contemporary art by both established and emerging artists. A visit to the gallery is a truly unique and creative experience showcasing some of the finest local artists of the Bay Area.


The gallery serves as a melting pot of local creativity and a reflection of it's independent spirit and home town roots.


The collage on the right is based on the painting by Legendary native Bolinas artist Peter Lee Brownlee who was featured in the documentary, Painting Bolinas . Brownlee is one of the many artists who have been featured at the gallery over the years.


Chris Whitefield
Anniversary Line Drawing Exhibition
September 2 through 30, 2023.


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Please contact us If you are an artist and would like to participate in upcoming events or exchange links.

Judy Molyneux, Gallery Manager  415-868-0782